Apr 14, 2023Liked by The Observer

Can’t wait to hold physical copy of 13 in my tiny trump-like hands. Haha! just kidding with the trump insult. I love the zine but idc about the left-right paradigm.

On a serious note, it would seem, like most, if not all the guests of honor at the McMenamins shin-digs are a little too “intelligence-adjacent” for my liking. A.K.A. This sounds like tons of fun but if you’re going there with the intention of having your eyes opened up to the truth, look further. This is what the kids call a limited hangout.

Just my opinion of course, so do with it what you will. But when i see Korbell and Mufon involvement, i already know what it’s hittin’ for

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Our photo analysis showes an interesting effect under the craft. Too bad it will not be seen.

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