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As a hip hop fan, it makes me think that the conspiracy mindset (and perhaps mental illness) behind the likes of P and Ye only makes their art more unique and off-center from the mainstream fare. Like you said about P's rapping being "at odds with the beat" so we wouldn't get comfortable ends up being really challenging and unique music. (Though I wish Ye would get some help even if his output became worse.)

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Woke up early and out of bed at 4:44 am and this awaited me.

Jives with stuff I read from Peter Moon as well about Moors in America before that other cargo cult guy.

Can't wait for the fog of the superimposed history to be ripped back with the fall of the criminal empire.

I'm a firestarter. WICKED firestarter. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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I don't know, I wonder if Prodigy might be an elaborate psyop himself - you always have to allow for another layer of magic propaganda dust to blow away. When I saw "Prodigy" I thought the article was going to be about the English band Prodigy which reminds me of a video set to their song, Take Me To The Hospital, which is laid over snippets of fake injury made by analyst, UK Critical Thinker. It's great.


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Awesome job! Makes me want to dive more into York and the Nuwaubian Nation.

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